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Why is Carolinas Cannabis Box different?

I know you have seen it, HEMP!

Hemp and CBD products popping up everywhere you look. From gas stations, hardware stores, delis, clothing stores, supermarkets to every place in between. Hemp is everywhere in every form.

So why buy from us? 

Simple, because we are unlike any of those places mention or any other service!

    • Starters we are not in this business to make a quick buck or just sell you crap brands. Carolinas Cannabis Box was created to bring everyone, not only just quality products but cannabis education! We want to make sure you know what is in that product, have the lab results, and are reassured that someone has picked that product out based on what you need.

    • We ask questions! Have you had someone tell you that "x CBD product" works so amazing for everyone that takes it, and that you have to try it? But they do not ask you any questions about what you are allergic too or if you are vegan or taking other medications? WARNING! RED FLAG ALERT!

    • We treat you as an individual person! Each and every person will need to find the right intake method, product, and dose. Plus, you as a person change so does your body, so will how you dose yourself with products.


So many people buy hemp products without knowing what is in the product, how it was extracted, or even how to properly take it. Meaning they could be taking products that may have little or no actual cannabinoids (CBD, CBG, CBDa, etc.). Even worst, maybe taking a dose that is so high, it increases the symptoms they are trying to help with. This is, again, where we are different from other places that sell hemp and CBD products.

We are about YOU and finding the right products that work for your needs.

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