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About Us

Carolinas Cannabis Box is a local North Carolina company bringing quality Hemp & CBD products to people with a different approach!


We personally choose each item for each customer based on the individual's personal needs and wishes. We do HOURS of product research before bringing in any of our products. From the lab test results (Yes, the CBD products you are using need to have COAs available), the extraction process used, to the chemical breakdown of cannabinoids and terpenes levels for each product.


Because no two people are the same, no two people will have the same effects from Cannabis. That's the whole approach to our boxes. We take our service to another level then you will find buying CBD products from the grocery store, mall, or that creepy store that started selling CBD beside the laundromat! Constant education and research are how we are able to provide you with a better CBD experience, by helping you find the right products for YOU.